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Michael Durickas is an American photographer based in Brussels and Milan. An experienced of UN events, public officials,  weddings and… stories through a lens.

Michael Durickas Photography

Although I am originally from the States, I am based in Brussels.  Most of the events I cover tend to be within a stone’s throw of the capital but I love to travel to different locations for shoots and to portray new stories.

For an indication of my rates, just send me a message through the contact page or call at (+32) 49 738 59 78 and we can check dates and set a quote.

Through a Lens

When I have my trusty Canon in hand, I mentally begin to see everything around me as if through a lens. I consider the countless subjects around me and debate how to best capture them in ways that tell a good story. I think on the photograph’s purpose (often why you’ve hired me) and decide: how to frame the shot, what to keep in focus, the aspects to blur, are there distractive elements to exclude, the motion to allow with the shutter, how to utilize or manufacture the perfect light, and when the right moment will be to click away.  If the subject is an individual or group, it means waiting for moments when specific aspects of that subject shine through. Joy. Determination. Passion.  As a photographer, I tell these stories through a lens.

Our Mission

I’d buy my first manual camera in high school and upgrade it when taking photography classes in college. This was back when most digital cameras were quite new and still had quite low resolution.  When out shooting, I’d keep a light meter in my back pocket to calculate the f-stop and shutter speed combos that would work well with the speed of your film. Afterwards, I’d develop the film in the darkroom (praying that you didn’t mess up the steps) and use an enlarger to print my photos. I’d do this one at a time after making a contact sheet and block light from the projector, ‘dodge’ and ‘burn’  to lighten areas or darker them. After that first class, the head of the photography department asked if I’d like to be a teaching assistant. This is how I spent the next 3 years teaching other students the ins-and-outs of darkroom and how to compose good pictures. This was great practice and, by continually offering thoughts on other peoples’ work, I became a far more thoughtful photographer.

My bachelors was actually in Philosophy and later I graduated in International Relations from the London School of Economics (LSE), where photography continued to be my preferred hobby. Throughout the program in London, I began to see ways of combining my passions. Since then, I took countless trips around Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Many of the moments captured during these trips can be found on this website.

Now I’ve had the honor of shooting international press conferences, United Nations (UN) events and shadowed high level officials for meetings and addresses to EU institutions. While I love shooting formal events and taking my Canon on ‘expeditions’ to the many corners of the globe, I enjoy capturing more personal moments as well.  I love being welcomed into a family to capture weddings and other special milestones of peoples’ lives.  I’m usually in Belgium or Italy (I married an Italian favorite model) but love to travel and don’t mind shooting an event away from these two locations. . Just send me a message to see if I’m free to capture your story through my lens.

Brussels Area, Belgium


Como & Milan Area, Italy


Call Michael at:


(+32) 49 738 59 78


A selection of photographs from China. Click on images to expand them to original proportions and learn more about where they were taken.

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