These photographs are of the capital of the France’s champagne region. That is, they are of the scenic city of Troyes in the North-central Aube region and capture just a small part of the old city. They begin with a walk down Ruelle des Chats which is said to have gotten its name from the cats that use to walk along the wooden beams connecting the old buildings in the narrowest parts of the street. Even the newer architecture on this street blends in with the old half-timbered houses that this old city is known for. There are other illustrations of these style shown among the photographs on Rue de Champeaux, Rue de Urbain IV, and Rue de la Cite.


Making my way down Rue Urbain IV, I caught some young residents enjoying a beautiful old Merry-Go-Round setup in the plaza of the old city hall. From there it was a short walk to Rue Georges Clemeneau and Rue de la Cite (depending which side of the Canal du Trevois you are on) to the city’s Catherdral, Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, and of course the champagne cellar across from it (Le Cellier Saint Pierre). The French flags and berries can be found in Place Jean Moulin if you get there at the right time of year.


Troyes is beautiful old French city with a countryside full of vineyards that are not to be missed. A wonderful town for a stroll and pit-stop for a glass of Champagne.


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