I was recently guided through the ruins of Scylletium, an ancient city resting along Italy’s Gulf of Squillace. It was established as a Greek colony in the days before Caesar, although lore has it that Ulysses himself founded the city after a tiresome ‘Odyssey.’

Today, the treasures of this city are preserved and on display at the Scylletium Archaeological Park in what is now the Roccelletta Borgia area in the Province of Catanzaro, Calabria. If the Italian Peninsula is lo Stivale or ‘The Boot,’ Scylletium lies mid-way up its sole.

The first photographs of this visit in the collection below are of the Santa Maria della Roccella, the ruins of cathedral. These are followed by some pictures from the olive groves that ring the ancient Forum and the Forum ruins themselves. Next are pictures of the old Theatre which, unlike most other theatres in use by the Romans, was built into a hill as often found in Greece. Higher up on the hill and more recently unearthed is the Amphitheatre. Last are photos from within the museum which displays restored statues, stonework, coins and, in a separate building, the tools used more recently to make oil.


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